Saturday, February 2, 2013

Altewaisaome A/W 13


*Photos by Kristian Löveborg / Source*

Common sense: Stockholm has one of the best street styles in the world.  Another fact is Stockholm Fashion Week brings unexpected and great minimal surprises every season. Autumn/ Winter 13 wasn't an exception. I could mention other names besides Altewaisaome, like Hernández Cornet or Alice Fine or even Whyred, but this brand, whose  name I have no clue how to pronounce, completely enchanted me.
Two creative feminine masterminds, "an eclectic mix of Scandinavian simplicity and international high fashion", a search for clean lines, monochromatic looks, neutral colors, attention to detail and it's only their fourth collection. We should have high hopes for their future and warn Wang about his swedish competition, since the collection is inspired by New York's diversity and their aesthetic approach is similar.  
We have got to love the oversized silhouettes contrasting with slimmer trousers or skirts and the rich green and grey tones.
Once again a chic, minimal, wearable, sporty and modern collection, which you can easily recreate with your own basic pieces. This is what fashion should be all about.



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