Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nude vs. Black


*Photos by Nuno Vieira*

Beanie - H&M // Coat - Uterque // Blazer - Zara (Thrifted) // Turtleneck - Zara // Shopper - Zara // Trousers - Zara // Sneakers - Miguel Vieira (Vintage)

This was what I wore yesterday, but I only got the chance to post it today! The outfit is all about one of my new FleaMarket acquisitions: a nude vintage blazer from Zara. You might be wondering how much  I paid for it. Prepare your jaw, because it is about to drop! 2€, nothing more nothing less and it is as new as if I had bought it this season at Zara. As you might also know by now, I'm crazy about good bargains, therefore I couldn't be more pleased with this blazer. It is light as a feather and most important, it's incredibly versatile. Great to layer in the winter time, great for a night out in the summer and obviously adequate to the middle seasons such as Autumn and Spring.
Once again, here is the proof that shopping is about intelligence and searching for the right piece at the right price. Keep your eyes wide open and try to keep your wardrobe as neutral and basic as you can. You can't regret buying a basic and timeless piece, can you? 


  1. amazing photos again. the lines in the background make a good setting.. oh u know that already! haha.. so so lovely to know you .

    1. The lines worked out perfectly! You're too nice! :D

  2. Adorei o outfit querida! Adorei as fotografias! =D




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