Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow White


* Photos by Nuno Vieira*

Coat - Uterque // Sweater - Oysho // Chinos - Zara // Boots - Thrifted // Ring - Calvin Klein

   This Snow White was offered many poisoned apples today at school, nothing she isn't already used to! "Same shit different day" and people still find it strange to dress the way I do. Luckily Snow White has seven dwarfs and a Prince to support her. And you know what? Snow White is actually a true minimalist, she even has a glass coffin! 
   So don't attempt to hurt her through a mirror, it's simply pathetic, say it to her face. But remember, the Queen always loses to Snow White, because of lack of humility.




Hi, my name is Filipa. I'm a 18 year old girl passionate about fashion and arts, therefore I'm anxious to share with you my style and taste.



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