Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Photos by Nuno Vieira

T-Shirt - Primark // Pants - Warehouse (thrifted) // Sneakers - Nike Run 5.0

First of all, yes, I'm wearing color. Creamy, lilac, super cheap pants (1€, maybe this was the reason why I felt the urge to buy them). Enough about the pants, let me tell you how much I missed this place and taking some time off to update (don't hate me for my absence). In about 2 weeks I will (hopefully) have more time to dedicate to my little online baby. Meanwhile I'll do my best to make it up to you all! 

Huge hug and ttyl!

Monday, May 6, 2013

*Photos from Bassike.com*

My crush for Bassike is far from being recent, actually I try to let it go since everything is just way too expensive for my wallet. Undeniably dreaming of wearing every piece from this Pre Collection 13. Sponsors, anyone?
//Pros: the materials, the cut, the shapes, the fitting, the proportions, everything seems so right and timeless. 
//Cons: no money whatsoever to spend. 
Moreover I can't help myself from imagining how soft and buttery that leather must feel or how appropriate that bomber jacket and relaxed masculine pants must be for a long day at work. Oh well, it's already late as I'm writing this, better rush into my warm, little, comfy bed and fall asleep with unreal new purchases filling my closet and mind.



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