Monday, July 29, 2013

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Spending so much time navigating through Tumblr has its positive side to it. I had reblogged the second image while thinking how incredible it would be if I could find the source (unfortunately it gets lost or deleted quite often). A week, or so, later someone sent me a link to a website,, and to my surprise, there it was. Martin Niklas Wieser in full glory, forcing me to "envy" him and his abnormal talent. This kind of cohesive and fresh collections should be promoted by the press, instead of wasting so much time with brands that are already known for years. Saturated fashion makes me look for new and promising designers whose support might not be the greatest. We shall take our time to admire Martin's phenomenal work and attention to details, as well as the exquisite photos (such awkward and beautiful poses, don't you think?).

Friday, July 26, 2013

All photos here.

Designer // Elionai Campos
Model // Inês Junqueira
Photographer // Nuno Vieira
Photography Assistant // André Coelho
Production Assistant // Filipa Fonseca  
Hair and Makeup // Ânia Domingues and Daniela Nunes

T-Zion is the name of Elionai Campos' SS '13 collection and you might remember it from this post or maybe just because of my hysteria concerning it. The truth is, as soon as I saw the looks walking down the runway I knew I had to get my hands on them. So, Nuno and I decided it would be a great opportunity for both, and especially for him, to photograph the lookbook and the campaign for his final school project. And the answer, as you can see, was "yes!".  Needless to say it is always a pleasure to work with nice and talented people like Elionai. You'll be hearing a lot from her, that's for sure! 
Let's not forget about the photographer, right? And what a hell of a good one with a promising future ahead of him, since he keeps evolving and working hard to achieve his goals. As you can see, I have to work really hard if I want to be as talented as they are at such a young age! Keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe not, shall use them to sketch! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Photos by Nuno Vieira

Crop Top - Sparkle & Fade (Urban Outfitters) from Re Invention // Skirt - Zara // Sandals - Zara

I'm finally enjoying my holidays! High school is over and I've recently received a diploma for my maximum score at my final work (a sculpture made of wool, which I will show you later). Meanwhile I've been hanging out in some fresh and functional outfits with some pieces that speak for themselves. Speaking of which, this crop top is, without any doubt, my favorite piece in my wardrobe at the moment, since it immediately elevates the elegance and sophistication of an outfit. Reminds me a bit of Balenciaga's F/W 13 rtw cracked effects. Thanks to Re Invention, I bought it for less than half of its original price. Oh how I love bargains!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Photos by Nuno Vieira

Vest - Diana Matias // Crop Top - Stradivarius // Skirt - Lefties // Sandals - Filipe Sousa (for Eureka)

Where should I start? Maybe by bragging about portuguese talent, or should I say:  portuguese talented designers such as Diana Matias. Needless to say it is an honor to own a piece, especially when it is this vest offered by my beloved friends for my birthday. Yes, it was in April, still it's from a Spring/Summer collection, don't blame me for not liking how it looks with thick winter clothes underneath! Personal life apart, let me introduce you to Line (Spring/ Summer '13), a collection from which I would absolutely love to own at least 50% of the pieces, not only because of it's minimal and Wang-ish vibe but also because it's so pragmatic and casual yet sophisticated. Not to mention the zippers, structured cuts which let a small and controlled amount of bare skin visible, the lines drawn with zippers elongating the female body, powerful designs for a modern, urban woman. 

Since we're talking about lines, photographing this look demanded some cohesion, therefore me and my (super talented) photographer/boyfriend chose a wall where light and shadow, black and white, met creating a contrast. A vertical line divides the horizontal pictures creating a paradoxal statement and accentuating the symmetry and geometry of the vest, as well as its two vertical panels. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

I've never been a fan of pinstriped suits, always found them old-fashioned and inelegant, but after trying on a pair of trousers at Zara I saw potential. Why not give them an opportunity? Pinstriped suit trousers, an oversized white T-Shirt, sneakers or sandals (sounds quite doable). Taking pinstripes out of their original context and purpose, into a sporty, casual and fresh new vibe, contradicting its association with conservative business attireNow it's time to start looking through my mom's wardrobe, hoping to find the perfect pair/ piece/ anything. Meanwhile there are some alternatives, like Zara's trousers (perfect fit) or J. W. Anderson's wrap skirt.


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