Friday, July 12, 2013

Vertical Division


Photos by Nuno Vieira

Vest - Diana Matias // Crop Top - Stradivarius // Skirt - Lefties // Sandals - Filipe Sousa (for Eureka)

Where should I start? Maybe by bragging about portuguese talent, or should I say:  portuguese talented designers such as Diana Matias. Needless to say it is an honor to own a piece, especially when it is this vest offered by my beloved friends for my birthday. Yes, it was in April, still it's from a Spring/Summer collection, don't blame me for not liking how it looks with thick winter clothes underneath! Personal life apart, let me introduce you to Line (Spring/ Summer '13), a collection from which I would absolutely love to own at least 50% of the pieces, not only because of it's minimal and Wang-ish vibe but also because it's so pragmatic and casual yet sophisticated. Not to mention the zippers, structured cuts which let a small and controlled amount of bare skin visible, the lines drawn with zippers elongating the female body, powerful designs for a modern, urban woman. 

Since we're talking about lines, photographing this look demanded some cohesion, therefore me and my (super talented) photographer/boyfriend chose a wall where light and shadow, black and white, met creating a contrast. A vertical line divides the horizontal pictures creating a paradoxal statement and accentuating the symmetry and geometry of the vest, as well as its two vertical panels. 


  1. That's a amazing outfit! Love the simplicity!

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  2. This is beautiful! Love the minimalism.

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  3. Que linda Fii. Adoro o minimalismo do outfit e a beleza das fotos :)

  4. love this, love love love love love, and love. and more love.

  5. both the vest and the photography look wonderful. so simple, yet striking.

  6. OOOOMG, nunca tinha visto este post. Estas fotos estão absolutamente perfeita!!! Esse vest top da Diana Matias, as sandálias da eureka, as fotos, o baton, tudoooo! <3



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