Monday, July 29, 2013

Martin Niklas Wieser AW 13/14


Photos from here.

Spending so much time navigating through Tumblr has its positive side to it. I had reblogged the second image while thinking how incredible it would be if I could find the source (unfortunately it gets lost or deleted quite often). A week, or so, later someone sent me a link to a website,, and to my surprise, there it was. Martin Niklas Wieser in full glory, forcing me to "envy" him and his abnormal talent. This kind of cohesive and fresh collections should be promoted by the press, instead of wasting so much time with brands that are already known for years. Saturated fashion makes me look for new and promising designers whose support might not be the greatest. We shall take our time to admire Martin's phenomenal work and attention to details, as well as the exquisite photos (such awkward and beautiful poses, don't you think?).



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