Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rad Hourani Couture SS 13


(Collection here)

It's R.A.D H.O.U.R.A.N.I killing it! Sorry, I had to start this post by showing my enthusiasm! Now I will be honest with you guys, I'm not the biggest fan of couture, but I'm Rad's biggest fan for sure! Couture is this stereotyped fashion area, which you know is only suited (if so) for some kind of red carpet events or editorials. And for some reason designers tend to exaggerate and make over the top fairytale dresses. There are exceptions like Rad and Maison Martin Margiela, for example. 

Still, what I admire the most about this collection is that it is an uncommon (and unexpected) couture, the tailoring, the craftsmanship and fabrics are exquisite as they have to be, but at the same time I can picture myself wearing every single look! Not to mention the genius layering only Yamamoto and Tisci can do as well. He's a serious perfectionist, thinking about the entrance with the masks, being cohesive with his unisex concept and mantaining his aesthetics. Rad is unique, standing out in an industry full of clichés and fashion houses which are successful because of their big names, not because the creative directors are particularly talented. So far I can't point out a single flaw in Hourani's work, just qualities and kick ass minimal collections and photographs! He sure makes some of the big names in the industry envy/ hate him with such a majestic talent. A black and white powerful statement!

"It was extravagant yet austere, minimalist but complex, black and white."

P.S.: He never studied fashion, now imagine if he had.


  1. probably he wouldn't be as great as he is if he had studied fashion



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