Friday, February 8, 2013

Nine Lives


*Photos by Nuno Vieira*

Turtleneck - Zara // Dress (worn as a skirt) - Zara (old) // Faux Leather Shirt - Zara // Coat - Zara // Boots - Thrifted

9 photos. 9 lives I wish I had troughout this week! What a hell of a week. Sorry for not posting, but I had literally no time to photograph my looks uniforms. 5 days off, thank you Carnival for existing! Oh and thank you Nuno as well for the amazing photos you take all the time! And I must not forget my schools' architect, thank you sir for the minimalist building and the perfect backgrounds for the outfits. As a friend of mine said to me today "You must be the only one in this school, who actually likes our grey and hospital like facilities." Since I'm in a mood for thanking everything and everyone: thank you sun! I've missed you.

Enjoy your Carnival guys!

P.S.: I just found out my shirt is asymmetric, the worst thing is: it's not on purpose. Oh Zara...



Hi, my name is Filipa. I'm a 18 year old girl passionate about fashion and arts, therefore I'm anxious to share with you my style and taste.



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