Thursday, February 21, 2013



*Photos by Nuno Vieira*

Cap - H&M // Coat - Zara // T-Shirt - Charli // Trousers - H&M // Shoes - Dr. Martens

While looking through some photos the other day, I found these ones from August. The first time I shot an outfit, not for the blog, but for a competition to win some Dr. Martens. I didn't win, but decided that I should start a blog, after all I have been in love with fashion and aesthetics since I can remember! Having said that, you sure understand that these photos are pretty especial to me, they represent a fresh new start. Why did I take so long to publish them? Simply because I didn't like them at first and since I was just starting I had absolutely no idea how to pose or face the camera. Quite a disaster I might say, but I still managed to rescue some of them to show you some minimalism in the woods! And yes, I still love the idea of shooting a structured, rational and geometric type of style in a natural, wild and idyllic place. Paradoxes.
Oh and I miss the times when my coat was as white as snow, new and fresh…


  1. the outfit + forest is a complete juxtaposition... i love it.. i know u wouldav sthot it in some gray walled building now . love the fun element



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