Friday, March 22, 2013

The Gentlewoman


Tea and The Gentlewoman. Tea to keep me calm and a magazine to distract me.  
Enjoying my recent buy, one of the best magazines I've ever hold in my hands. Let me tell you, I was kind of obsessed with fashion magazines (huge collection), but lately I started to feel fooled. So much money for magazines with no content, poor editorials and loads of ads. Although The Gentlewoman starts with more than 20 pages of ads, the content balances it out. Where should I start? By the minimal graphic design? Or the breathtaking editorials? Or the inspiring interviews, critics, chronicles and approach to readers? Everything feels so personal. They guide you through the mag. They don't only say which clothes everyone is wearing, they also describe it and explain why, how, where, and so on. Beautiful and intelligent concepts as seen in one of the last editorials, in which they shot the same model wearing the same look at a studio and at an office. Two different places, two different ways of looking at the same look. Simple but effective.
These little details make me feel like it was worth all my money. I have only one thing bothering me: Beyoncé's article in terms of photography should have been better. Felt a bit old-fashioned to me. Still, perfect magazine for the contemporary women.

P.S.: As you know yesterday was the first day of Portugal Fashion here in Porto. Just wanted to say I saw Jean Paul Paula and his amazing Givenchy earrings. #fangirling


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