Thursday, March 14, 2013



First of all I'm sorry for my absence, just a lot of work. Actually I decided to do this post while working with a friend of mine on a presentation we have to do about the Bauhaus. An appropriate theme, because I studied at a german school until the 9th grade, so this rationalism suits me. Now that I think about it, it really influenced me in many ways! My rationality, knowledge , perfectionism, simplicity, austerity, aesthetics feels more german to me than portuguese. Not that I don't like my country or being portuguese, because I do, but most of my life was spent with the german community. So many memories, kind of miss that school. Then again I couldn't be happier with my decision of transferring to an art school. Other opinions, points of view, knowledge, interests, ideas, so many things that changed and fulfilled me. Open minds.
I got to watch "Mon Oncle" staring Monsieur Hulot (Jacques Tati) last year and since then it remains one of my favorite movies. Old school feeling with a modern touch  to it.  If you haven't seen it yet please do! So worth it. 
Still, some of this photos are from "Play Time", from which I have only seen small parts, but I'll be watching it as soon as I can (a.k.a this weekend). 
And don't you just love the sets? Even without knowing the story they're stunning and so clean/ fresh/ light. Nothing more to say, it's up to you now!


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