Monday, March 25, 2013

Outfit PTFashion Day 3


Earrings -  ReInvention (as seen here) // Coat - Zara // Sweater - (no brand) // Bag - Zara // Jeans - H&M // Platform Sneakers - H&M

White monochrome, what I wore to Portugal Fashion Day 3. I found this perfect white wool sweater the day before while cleaning up my atelier at school. Someone left it there between piles of paper and fabric. What a waste right? Couldn't believe my eyes when my teacher asked us if we wanted to keep it and I was like "Hell yeah, sure I do." I had been looking for an oversized, warm, white, wool sweater for ages and had never found the perfect one. Never thought I would get it for free during a cleaning afternoon! Sometimes it seems like a bit of luck really does exist. That sweater was waiting for me the whole time (not).


  1. such a huge fan of this, white looks amazing x

  2. This is just a beautiful outfit.
    I love that you wear your minimal style with natural hair and makeup. It feels fresh and relaxed.



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