Monday, August 12, 2013



Photos by my sis
Crop Top - Stradivarius // Skirt - Vintage // Shoes - Marques' Almeida

The first time I wore this skirt, a Vogue freelancer approached me downtown asking if she could take some pictures. I had bought the skirt 10 minutes before for 2€, because it was so hot I couldn't bear wearing trousers. So, as you can imagine, the combination was as weird as it gets; picture a pleated skirt with an oversized white T-Shirt tucked in it and some Nike Free Run. As for this time, stepping up a notch was mandatory and what better solution than paring it with my beloved Marques' Almeida shoes, right? 


  1. ahh quero ver essa fotografia para a Vogue, fiquei curiosa ;)

  2. Filipa, gostaria de saber qual foi o motivo que te levou a criar este blog.
    Agradecia uma resposta tua, cumprimentos e obrigado.



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