Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hedi Slimane


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The truth is I had these photos in a file for a long time now, because I needed them (actually just the first one) for a school work about analyzing a portrait. The reason why I saved all of them lies in the superbness of them. You might know Hedi Slimane as the creative director for Saint Laurent Paris, but we must admit he stands out in photography as well. His portraits remind me of Avedon's aesthetics, the way he captured emotions, instants, the dark and obscure side of people, the light, the minimalism, the black and white, the psychological portrait. It looks like an invitation to his daily routine and relationships, this intimacy is noticeable in the name he gave to his website: Hedi Slimane Diary. It's all about combining an astonishing sense of aesthetics with a personal interpretation of the portrayed, he decides what we'll see and know about the person or the place, he controls the atmosphere, the light and the perspective. We can't do anything but look at what he(di) wants to show us, even if it looks plain simple at the first time it never is, simplicity is the most complex thing to achieve and it can be tricky.  



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