Thursday, June 20, 2013

Face Off


Photos by Nuno Vieira

Shorts - Vintage Lacoste (thrifted, for 4e) // T-Shirt - Primark (Menswear Department too) // Shoes - Dr. Martens

Although I do believe in putting together a defensive and therefore strong type of (life)style, I do not stand for the superiority of women, but for gender equality. Having this said, my wardrobe is quite boyish, oversized and shapeless. Not that I'm worried about showing off curves (ok, maybe cause I don't have any), I'm just not pleased about the necessity of seducing.
Women nowadays depend on tight clothes, really short skirts, enormous cleavage, especially to show men their sexual potential. On the other hand, as you might have already noticed, I'm the complete opposite, meaning I like to face off men every now and then. Shock them maybe? Because seeing a girl adopting menswear as a first choice can be awkwardly disturbing for some machos. And vice versa. In case I feel like wearing something masculine, then I will, it's my choice, my body and it shouldn't be up for discussion either. There shouldn't be such rigid stereotypes and so much prejudice concerning "masculine" and "feminine". After all we are all human beings sharing our goods.


  1. I just want to give you the biggest hug ever.

    I wear like this often (even this exact outfit!!) and my parents are always criticizing my style choices saying that it's too masculine even though I feel absolutely fantastic. And because they're my parents, I couldn't help thinking maybe I'm not girly enough or acting as much of a girl to them and so I feel self-conscious all of a sudden. It's a never ending cycle and I can't stop what they're saying but I really do wish they respected my choices more and understand it's not a girl/boy thing. It's just about me feeling confident and it's been pretty much shot down since they keep telling me that I shouldn't wear stuff like this all the time.

    I'm just so glad that at least someone understands. :D

    1. I do understand you, actually my parents used to tell me exactly the same thing. Not anymore, though. I guess they understood I wasn't going to change my style just to fit in and blend with the other girls.

      Stay true to your style! Big hug <3



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